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Chef Manny Mendoza

My journey cooking with Cannabis began on the south side of Chicago about five years ago.

I had just finished culinary school at the Culinary Institute of America, and I left with a new sense of openness to the World, cooking, and especially Mary Jane. 

While cooking around the City, I decided to take extra college courses that peaked my interest: Music, Nutrition and Business. Those subjects helped propel me into a new direction towards finding a way to incorporate so many of the things that I love:

helping people understand mental, physical and spiritual wellness through food and music. 

At that point, although cannabis was not medically legal, I began testing my own infusions, starting with basic butters and oils. My ‘Eureka!’ Moment happened when I simply steeped flower into some whole milk, mixed it with chocolate, strained and chilled it and created the most amazing iced chocolate milk I’ve ever had. 

From then on, I knew I was on to something, despite the legal setback.