Herbal notes presents:
herbal talks chicago.
may 25, 26, 27 - chicago

please join us for a series of free, educational community workshops with chef manny mendoza.
Learn about topics such as:
terpenes, flavonoids & aromatherapy | the phytocannabinoid spectrum | social responsibility in understanding cannabis today.

Workshops are free, but rsvp is required to reserve your spot. you'll receive a confirmation email prior to the event. workshops are limited to 20 guest - once the workshops fill up, you may request to be added to the waitlist.

The Friday workshop is at capacity, but you can still signup below to be added to the waitlist!
We'll let you know if space frees up. Thanks!

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Educational 4-Course
Dinner with Flower Pairings

At this dinner Chef Manny will prepare an elevated meal of 4 courses using local & sustainable organic produce paired alongside 4 Lab-tested Cannabis strains to discuss topics such as plant anatomy, terpene profiles, and cultural aspects such as our social responsibility to becoming informed and educated today.

This dinner is for learning more about how Culinary Cannabis can change the way we consume and pursue nutrient-rich plant-based wellness.