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My journey cooking with Cannabis began on the south side of Chicago about five years ago.

I had just finished culinary school in New York at the Culinary Institute of America, and I left with a new sense of openness to the world, cooking, and especially Mary Jane. 

While cooking around the city, I decided to take extra college courses that piqued my interest: Music, Nutrition and Business. Those subjects helped propel me into a new direction towards finding a way to incorporate so many of the things that I love:


At that point, although cannabis was not medically legal, I began testing my own infusions, starting with basic butters and oils. My ‘Eureka!’ Moment happened when I simply steeped flower into some whole milk, mixed it with chocolate, strained and chilled it and created the most amazing iced chocolate milk I’ve ever had. Simple, delicious and effective. 

From then on, I knew I was on to something, despite the legal setback. I've come a long way from chocolate milk, and I continue to learn and innovate daily. Still, my mission with food and cannabis is the same: shared community, food equity, and cannabis as a natural medicine for all. 


Herbal Notes is an experience-based platform centered around shared knowledge, culinary exploration and genuine relationships.

We aim to depart from the stoner culture surrounding cannabis
 and distigmatize that which is actually a natural medicine that has the power to holistically transform lives and communities. 

Our goal is to reach a mainstream platform of millions of people around the world, sharing education on the numerous benefits of medicinal and recreational cannabis.